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Collaboration of artists across borders.

An initiative to create a platform for artists across the world, to empower them, build a sense of community and respect for others' perspectives and creations.

The aim of this collaboration is to connect artists of different art forms, from all over the world and together share their thoughts and experiences on the theme. I believe that we all deserve to showcase our talent and feel empowered to do so. Through this I hope that you (as a viewer) will also be able to reflect on the theme and takeaway something meaningful from the experiences of the artists.


I thank all the artists who have taken participated in this collaboration and supported my vision. I hope to continue to use this platform of Yellow and New for artists to express and share their creative process. In my opinion, art is a form of expression through any kind of medium. It’s the ability for us to share our story which makes us happy and grateful about our experiences. Hopefully, we can all observe, share and learn from this experience together and inspire other artists to feel empowered to share their story as well.

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