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Collaboration of artists across borders

Theme: Coping with the Pandemic, 2020

The below guidelines were shared with the artists on how I ( Vanessa) view the theme as a self-taught artist myself. The artists were free to use their own perception and imagination to help them through their creative process.

- What gives you strength to cope with uncertainty?

- How do you keep up with chaos?

- How would you be able to share hope and happiness through your work?

- What do the contents of your artwork mean to you?

Meet the artists


Rahma AlMawali

  • Instagram

My name is Rahma Al Mawali and I am from the UAE living in Abu Dhabi city which is the capital of the UAE. I am an amateur photographer who usually loves to take landscape photos or anything to do with nature or outdoors because it gives me an opportunity to reflect on how I look at certain things through my eyes even if it seems like a normal photo to others but for me I look at it in a different way. The place, the objects in that place, the colors and the timing, all of these things are recorded in my mind when I take a photo because there are many things that got me to decide to capture that moment not just on camera, but also in my memory. So the next time I see a certain place or similar to it I go through my mind album to remember the captured moments and to me it’s entertaining to remember good stuff. Unfortunately, the pandemic made it challenging to think of shots indoors but being part of this collaboration has given me the chance to try my best to show how I managed to cope with the situation.


Nishel DSouza

  • Instagram

Hello! My name is Nishel and I am a graphic designer by profession. I have worked in an MNC for four years and I have recently taken a break from work since I have become a mum to a beautiful baby girl.


So a little bit about how I got interested in art. I am an introvert and a very anxious person to begin with so I love expressing myself through art. Whenever I am anxious or stressed I just escape into the world of art and it makes me feel so much better.


Recently I have relaized (thanks to COVID) that it's high time I follow my dreams of being an illustrator. It will be a difficult journey with lots of ups and downs but I am ready to take this path of struggle cause in the end it's very important to love what you do.

Svetlana Pacheco

  • Instagram

I am Svetlana Angelica Pacheco and I live in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I currently work at a corporate office that has a typical office ambiance, combined with lots of numbers on my screen leaving no scope for my artistic side to be portrayed. So, in my free time, I like to resurface that creative and artistic side by putting on makeup, singing, sketching, or even practicing a new song on my keyboard. Makeup is something that highly appeals to me since I like wearing bold eyeshadows and also serves as a fun way to express myself with colours.

This is my first collaboration as an artist and amidst this tinderbox of fear, pain and uncertainty , I just knew I had to accept this one. Since I got to use this platform to challenge myself and showcase my God-gifted talents to share my perspective and also get to know other artists across the globe and their stories of how they having been coping in these trying times.



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A Learner

Hi guys!

I am Monika, an ordinary woman from Indonesia who would like to learn social behaviour, motives and related human.

I am an HR Practitioner for more than five years specializing in Employer Branding, Recruitment, Performance Management and Change Management. Along with HR Practitioner, I am a specialist who experienced monitor project with extensive knowledge of the business practice (telecommunication and investment management), governance, and non-profit organization area.

I prefer reading to writing, writing to drawing, but I draw in special occasions. And the result, it's not too bad.

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