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 September, 2020

Collaboration of artists across borders
 September 2020

Theme: Coping with the Pandemic, 2020

Rahma AlMawali

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The Book:

Train your mind to think positively, the idea here is to think of positive thinking as anything else that needs consistent practice and repetition which your mind will soon pick up on this new behavior. The consequence of changing your perception is your emotional reaction towards a certain situation or experience (negative perception will lead to negative emotional reaction) and to change the result of your emotion, you have to change your thinking (so think positive).

Openness and positivity are bonded with each other so be open to the different thoughts and opinions around you, this will allow your mind to look at new perspectives in a positive way and as a result you will be able to see things from other people’s point of view.

“From the book: Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions to Make a Positive Impact on Your Life and Career by Gill Hasson, Chapter six”

Food for Comfort:

Home cooked meals began to be my new interest ever since the pandemic started and I realized that it tastes much better. My favorite dish is pasta, easy to make and tastes good. Home cooked meals allows you to overlook what is going on in the kitchen from hygiene to total control of what is going in your food. Cakes and brownies are included of course but at least we know who baked it and how it was served so we eat with trust.

Baila (means dance in Spanish):

Small things could make a difference on how you feel -like dancing- so look for what makes you feel good, enjoy it while it lasts, laugh and own it. Fun things distract you from negative thinking so keep your awareness of that little fun thing high enough just to stop thinking about negative things even if it will last for 5 minutes. 

Nishel Dsouza

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'All dressed up but nowhere to go'


Before I could draw this illustration, I asked myself a question and the question was what did I take for granted in the year 2019?

The answer was I took a lot of things for granted but one thing stood out. Heard of the phrase I am fed up of traveling? Well that's the case here in Bangalore (India), there used to be so much traffic every single day.I used to dislike going out even on weekends. I used to crib about the pollution and I used to wonder when will the pollution and traffic ever reduce. Well one fine day we finally got an answer from Covid. The pandemic did give us what we always wanted less traffic and less pollution but of course everything comes with a price. The price to pay is stay at home to be safe.


This past few months have been overwhelming for most of us  especially for older people, pregnant and new mothers. So how to cope? It's very important to do what you like, this is a time where you get a lot of time for your hobbies. Pursue your hobbies !who knows maybe it will be your source of income. As for me I have always expressed myself through art and it is something that relaxes and calms me down. I am still on the path of finding my art style. I definitely have a long journey ahead of me and I am willing to take it.


So here is a simple illustration where a lady is all dressed up but has nowhere to go, she is looking outside the window hoping this mess clears, hoping life gets back to normal. Covid has definitely taught us a valuable lesson"


If you don't value what you have, you're sure to loose it."

Svetlana Pacheco

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With this makeup look, I wanted to indicate that there are always two sides to the same coin. Every unpleasant event does come with a silver lining.

One side represents our current way of life, where we all have to mask-up when we leave the house. The tears in the eye represent all those who grieve the loss of a family member/s, people who were made redundant at their workplace, the less fortunate, healthcare providers finding it overwhelming in tough situations and people suffering from depression.

The other side represents how I combated a challenging phase in my life and learned that we always come out a little brighter and stronger than before.

Sunsets and sunrises are symbolic of hope and how this world is so beautifully created and crafted, hence I used it as my background or in this case the colour of my foundation!

The symbol of hands held together praying with a Rosary represents hope and that we are not alone in this fight. A little backstory- A few months back, a family member and I were both tested positive with Sars-cov-2 and it took us nearly a month and a half to fully recover. Those times albeit hard, made me realize that darker the night brighter are the stars. We are created tougher than we think we are and in these inexperienced and unpredictable situations, it has only taught me to fully trust in the one true constant in our life – our God and Saviour who is ever-abiding, who sees and provides for us in times of need be it directly or in the form of family, friends, relationships, etc.

The musical notes and the piano keys reflect how music in general is a big part of my life even before COVID hit, and it surely has helped me cope through these trying times. Singing is something that I consider as ‘food-for-the-soul’ and works as a very effective way to relieve stress, if I may add.

I would like to truly thank Vanessa C. Dsouza, the initiator of this collaboration, the founder of ‘Yellow and New’ and a childhood friend of mine, for trusting and allowing me to be a part of this wonderful project. Cheers, and stay safe!


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'Waiting For Miracles'

I looked at one picture that I drew seven years ago.
I put it in the frame so I can look it more often.
This picture teaches me "to pray and be still."

Flashback to that moment, that I joined the silence retreat for seven days in Liverpool.
No book.
No music.
No conversation.

Just pray and do activities, mostly I spend with reading the bible, walking to see nature, drawing and writing a reflection.
In the first time, I never think that I can pass this retreat, but in the end, I did.
I believe "prayer" give me the strength to face new things.

In this current situation, that I never expect, I also think that I can pass this through "prayer".
This picture that I drew, not by nature, but when I see a lot of postcards, I picked this one, and just copy it to draw.
I still keep it until now.
Because it reminded me, "there is nothing is impossible with God".

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