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The power of volunteering in bringing people of similar interests together

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

My love for art and volunteering has helped me reconnect with my friend Cathelijne in Amsterdam to be able to share my experiences and connect with some wonderful artists of her next art exhibition. I had the opportunity to deliver an online presentation for Seeyouatart and it was about my perspectives on adaptability, employability and networking as a self-taught artist. It was great to interact with the artists and share similar views and how we deal with the experiences and challenges that we face related to these aspects.

Being a self-taught artist is very similar to being a new employee or a junior specialist in a field, as most of the time you learn to navigate your own path, learn from others, learn through experiences or learn though formal or informal training. The experiences that I have had so far have been eye-opening, motivating and challenging. Nevertheless, I’m slowly learning to drive my career and life. The purpose and direction that I am navigating towards through my current experiences are:

  • Expression by sharing my knowledge and experiences to empower others;

  • Using my skills to support causes that drive people to feel safe enough to express themselves and their own personal development and creativity;

  • Connecting with people who have a shared vision to empower others to progress, facilitate clear communication and build a community of togetherness.

"Learning never stops, change is tough, but we can all get through this by taking some time to breathe and understand what we want to get out of this one beautiful life that we have".- Vanessa Dsouza

Supporting a clear vision as a volunteer has given me a sense of purpose to keep doing what I do. To end it all, being unemployed for over a year has been difficult (I really can’t be subtle about this). The only way I get by is by volunteering for small meaningful projects, as well as by creating projects for myself in Art and HR/Learning and Development, to help myself keep up with the current trends and continue to learn new skills.

I’ve attached a report of my presentation and I’m happy to connect with anyone who would like to share more and hear what you have to think about it.

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