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Speaker at 'Welcome into the Awesome conference'

  June 2021

I shared my story on 'How to integrate art with people development', a topic I’m extremely passionate about.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to connect with all the wonderful people and learn from other speakers too, who shared really interesting perspectives related to L&D. I absolutely loved it!

What I took away from this experience:
🌟  I’m deserving and capable of doing amazing things.
🌟 There are always wonderful people who genuinely care to support and guide me through my journey.
🌟  Stepping out of my comfort zone can only help me move forward!

20 - Vanessa Christina Dsouza.png

Self Development session (2021) 

                                                                                                            'Time Management'

I hosted a one hour online time- management workshop to share some tips and tricks on how to manage time for yourself as well as all the urgent/ important tasks that are on everyone's list. I introduced a few exercises where the participants were able to reflect and discuss their ideas and insights with each other, to keep the workshop interactive and meaningful.  

Learning Objectives:

- How to prioritise tasks using the Urgent Vs Important Matrix

- How much time does a person spend on themselves vs their other daily routine tasks

- How can we use our free time in a more effective way

Time mgt_VCC.jpg

Client (May 2021- August 2021)

Organizational skills: Supporting a client manage emails and organize workload, through systematic planning, time management and setting of realistic goals.

Expat Academy, The Netherlands (2021) 

In collaboration with Joep van Deutekom and Grace of the Expat Academy NL, I'm working on creating a online training course to support expats in The Netherlands. The course is related to 'Socialising in The Netherlands' and was launched in January 2021.

Aim of the training program: To help expats in The Netherlands to integrate better in the society. The course consists of online videos, assignments, and a one on one LIVE session with me personally, where we can go over your assignments and you can ask me any questions you have about networking, making friends, volunteering or other socialization topics.

Expat Academy NL_Vanessa Christina consu
Testimonial- Joep.jpg

Vanderlande Industries, The Netherlands (2018)

'Project work: Learning and Development project consultant member' 

  • Analysed and identified steps undertaken in the change process, i.e., change agents, roles, responsibilities. 

  • Communicated how change processes are perceived by different groups within the organisation. 

  • Developed action plans and recommendations on how to introduce and implement changes. 


I worked with Vanessa while she did a consultancy/research assignment at Vanderlande. I got to know her as a person that is passionate about the field of learning, especially learning in complex organizations. She has an analytic nature and has strong communication skills. Because of her professional and discrete attitude, I felt very comfortable to let her conduct interviews in the organization independantly. Vanessa and the team delivered a very insightful and usable report.

Ellen De Greef - Daamen- Learning Specialist, Vanderlande Industries (The Netherlands)

E-learning platform of Cross knowledge, Maastricht University - The Netherlands (2018)

'Project member for Management of Learning program'

The project team’s tasks were to:

  • Review the existing CrossKnowledge platform created for the students.

  • Select suitable content for the Study Coaching Trajectory (SCT) course of the Management of Learning program based of 12 different competencies (I.e- learning skills, problem solving skills, interpersonal skills etc.)

  • Add several interactive exercises (in order to enhance social learning) per competency such as discussions, polls, exercises.

Blended Learning | Learning needs analysis| Content Development | content generation | E-Learning| Learning Management system

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