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It's always exciting to translate someone's vision into reality, through my love for art and design. Thanks Arini Vlotman and congratulations again on launching your book- 'The Art of Adulting: Managing & Manoeuvering Life in Your 30's. 
The book cover is a reflection of someone who is going through the challenges of daily life as a millennial and is still able to find happiness and motivation to lead a balanced life. 
It's a mix of humour, entertainment and an honest perspective. A fun read for sure!

Volunteer project: Big Brothers Big Sisters Utrecht

It's an absolute pleasure to work with Fleur Van Ijperen at Big Brothers Big Sisters, Utrecht, The Netherlands. I created this communal art piece for them along with certificates. You can read more by click the link below or watch the above video to learn more.

ART EXPO- MAY 2019: Stayok, Utrecht, The Netherlands

I got an opportunity to exhibit my artwork at Stayok Utrecht, The Netherlands. My artwork was exhibited in their glassroom for one month. The work displayed were watercolour illustrations, abstract artwork and acrylic on canvas.

UTRECHT INTERNATIONAL SUNDAY MARKET:Nieuw Rotsoord, Utrecht - 30th June, 2019

I had the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful event at the Sunday Market. It was organised by the International Women's Contact Utrecht to raise money for Huize Agnes and Big Brothers Big Sisters Utrecht. It was a beautiful sunny day and I met a lot of interesting people. Below are some of the pictures.

ART EXPO- MARCH 2021: The Mandala Cafe, Mangalore, India

I was excited to display and sell my artwork and merchandise, for the first time in India (in my hometown of Mangalore)

Cafe Mandala is a cozy, eco friendly cafe which strives to maintain its mission of sustainability which I absolutely love. They have some good coffee, savoury treats and desserts too!

Volunteer project: See you@art Amsterdam

I have volunteered for Seeyou@art for a long time last year and this August 2020, the founder Cathelijne Mulders gave me an opportunity to make a presentation for the foundation through an online meeting.  

Click here to read more.

Seeyou@art offers artists an inspiring stage where they can showcase their art, get in touch with others, expand their network and develop personally and artistically. The interaction with the audience is shaped through workshops and performances by the artists.

Volunteer roles & responsibilities :
•Worked together with the foundation members to attract more visitors for our exhibitions through social media/our website.
•Worked on the exhibition design for the Seeyou@art Shop area to display smaller works of the artists.
•Helped with the coordination among the artists on the exhibition event day.
•Worked on the feedback and evaluation surveys for the training workshops.
• Worked together with the trainer on the training workshop for the artists from structuring the content to effective delivery of the training content.
•Conducted an online presentation for Seeyou@art foundation Amsterdam on perspectives of adaptability, employability and networking as a self-taught artist.

ART EXPO- JUNE 2019:Seeyou@art Amsterdam

I exhibited four of my original small works for the Seeyou@art exhibition, "Travel along art" on June 8th, 2019. It was a one day event with a group of 8 international artists. I met a lot of interesting artists and also worked very closely with the team of Seeyou@art on this event. It was very memorable experience!

CULTURELE ZONDAG:De Hallen Amsterdam, July 2019

Culturele Zondag ( Cultural Sunday) took place in July 2019. Under the Seeyou@Art Foundation, I had the opportunity to take part in the same. I displayed my small work and a few slightly bigger pieces which comprised mostly of Watercolour on paper illustrations and acrylic on canvas. It was a bright and beautiful Sunday evening with song, dance and display of artwork by many extremely talented artists.