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Firestone Industrial Products B.V., The Netherlands (2019)

'HR and Recruitment Specialist​'

  • Collaborated with the management and stakeholders to understand the business goals and KPIs for each job role.

  • Formulated a strategic outlook and solutions for innovation in On-boarding procedures of new hires.


We have come to know Vanessa as a driven and friendly employee who has always done her job with great dedication and professionalism. 

She was able to support all recruitment processes on a highly skilled level with the result of hiring 4 new teammates in a short period of time. 

In addition to these recruitment tasks Vanessa created a employee survey and was able to roll out this activity to the team for feedback within the time limits we had. 

She was proactive in her role and took ownership were she found she could support the department. Proposed process improvement and she was a great teammate to work with. 

Mijke Overmaat van- der Bent- HR Manager, Firestone Industrial Products B.V. (The Netherlands)

Zayed University, Abu Dhabi (2015)

'Recruitment & Learning Specialist'

  • Involved in the pre-joining activities such as preparing onboarding packages, collecting the required documentation and administrative tasks

  • Active part of the contract signing process

  • Welcoming the new hires and making sure their queries are answered

  • Part of the induction of the new hires and setting up the training program.


During our work together in the HR, Vanessa was very supportive and can easily get things done as she had common since of how the workflow must go, she also was very calm and reaches out to team members with clarity, professionalism and good manners. I had the pleasure to have worked with her.

Rahma Almawali- HR Specialist, Zayed University

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