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Expat Academy NL/ Grace Career Coach (March 2021- Present)

'Expat Academy Ambassador'

Supporting the Expat Academy NL & Grace Career Coaching with business development, sales and community engagement.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Utrecht,  The Netherlands (July 2020- March 2021)

'Creative Designer & People development Specialist (volunteer role)'

A vision for ‘Employee Engagement’ through Recruitment & Recognition practices:

Here is a small project I worked on for Big Brothers Big Sisters Utrecht. I designed a flyer and certificates, which were presented to their trainees after completion of the training program. This was given as a gesture of appreciation for joining the NGO and being committed to their role.

Through these activities of ‘Employer Branding’ an organisation can create a sense of Engagement and motivation within their employees/team members/ volunteers for all their hard work and dedication.

Employer branding directly/indirectly helps to attract and retain quality employees which is crucial for the success of an organisation. This also helps an organisation to differentiate themselves from others and demonstrate their unique mission, values, and culture to clients and potential job candidates.


  • Employer branding (leads to)

    • Better Recruitment practices

      • Increase in Employee Engagement Appreciated, motivated and happy employees

        • Improved individual & organisational performance

Proposal _ Personal Development of Volun


We met Vanessa in Utrecht in 2019 at a market, and in 2020 we reconnected when she moved back to India. She has produced a number of products, which we are very grateful for and we use in our everyday work.

Fleur van IJperen - Projectcoördinator Big Brothers Big Sisters Utrecht (The Netherlands)

employer branding

Yellow and New (2018- 2022) 

'Engagement & Community Building project' 

Yellow and New is my small art business which focuses on art & design, people development, creativity and empowerment. I collaborate with different artists from time to time and have small events to bring together people of different interests and background and build a community where we feel safe to share our ideas and help one another.

Creative calling -Vanessa.png

A Study on Rewards and Awards system, Yokogawa IA Technologies India Private Limited (2012)

'HR Intern'

Scope of the study
This study was conducted to understand the system of Rewards & Awards in the organisation with a view of suggesting possible measures to improve the existing system, taking into consideration the valuable feedback given by the employees and managers of the organisation.

Objectives of the Study:
•To bridge the gap between intentions and perceptions of the Management and the Employees. (i.e.
intentions behind the award & decision process to the perceptions of the awarded)
•To recognize the true performers in the organization, i.e., Individual and Team.
•To reward and award them optimally, improve acceptance and implement a system that is sustainable.
•Creating minimum disturbance to other systems & policies

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