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Are you looking for fun and creative ways to spend your time or boost engagement within your teams/ your friends circle/ your community?

Here is an event that may just be for you!

'Creative Calling' sessions are conducted online in individual sessions or groups, for teams/organisations/communities. Each session has a theme which can be personalised as well to create a fun engaging event.

Goals of 'Creative Calling'

Building a sense of community and safety.

(Psychological Safety)

Create and share ideas and perspectives

Working towards feeling better and not staying in the same state of mind.

Below are some of the events conducted so far.

Creative calling session 3.jpg

Creative Calling (Session 3) : Socialising event

Grab your paints, pencils, whatever media you have and let’s paint and draw together!

Unfortunately we still can’t come together and make a mess, but have your coffee or tea ready, prepare some snacks and create something! We can also get to know each other, you're free to chat and just have a fun time.

You don’t have to be an artist to do that, just bring yourself and be a colour in the social palette!


Some images from Creative Calling - session 3

Copy of creative calling.jpg

Creative Calling (Session 2) : "Am I enough?

How to get motivated and deal with our inner critic. The main aim of the session is to lift each other up and share our experiences.

Everyone has those days when nothing works out good, dealing with lack of inspiration, motivation and even questioning our values.

Luckily it's not forever. Maybe you are in this valley right now, or just woke up to the inspiring new day finally, no matter what stage you are in, join us!

Let's talk about this familiar state of mind!

We are eager to share our examples, tips and tricks and for sure we can learn a lot from you too! Besides good talking can give the ignition!"

creative calling.jpg

Creative Calling (Session 1) Stress – Is it good or bad? Do we need it? This event is created to help you express yourself through art, colour and find fun solutions.

Goals for the session:

· To connect artists and art lovers all around the world

· Build a community where we feel safe to express our thoughts and creative side

· Create and share our artwork virtually

· How to work towards feeling better and not staying in the same state of mind

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