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'Detox from work' with Irene & Vanessa

Happy to work together with Irene Anggreeni, on this project! 🙂🙌

Does your work start taking a toll on your wellbeing and happiness?
We are cooking something special that might just be for you! And we’d love your support. Let us bring a human perspective into this conversation about work. Join us by answering our survey below.
We are Vanessa Christina Dsouza, Creative engagement consultant and Irene Anggreeni, Clinical dance therapist and mental wellness coach.
In this very first video, we talk about:
💡  Creativity, getting out of the head and into our body, helps us become self-aware.
🤝  Creating a safe space to process our experiences, including challenges at work.
🎉  Human-first and heart-centred is how we roll forward

'Personal development partner - The Business Hippie Club

I’m excited to collaborate with Hans and work towards a mission that resonates with me 🙂

Together with Hans van de Rakt and his organization Business Hippie Club, I will be organizing interactive workshops (online for now) around the themes of art and personal development.

The goal of the Business Hippie Club is a balanced social economy. Changing the mindset from a well-fare economy towards a well-being economy.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming events 🙂

To learn more about the Business Hippie Club and the upcoming events, click on the link below:

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