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Collaboration October 2020
An honest conversation about 'Validation' with Sudhanya Mallick

Collab: Sudhanya & Vanessa.jpg

In the past few years, I've observed a lot about myself in terms of my actions and reactions towards people and situations in life. 

There have been many topics which have pushed me to introspect my behaviour, experiences and focus on what is most important to me for my self- development. We all experience situations which make us feel helpless, lost, confused, excited, ecstatic...... Have you ever reflected on these situations? 

This conversation with Sudhanya is one in which we speak candidly about the topic of 'Validation', in the areas of  job-seeking, social media and other life situations. We talk about experiences and the steps taken to overcome some of the difficulties along the way.

I have begun to practice 'reflection' and 'self-awareness' more nowadays, and this has only made me feel grateful for each and everything that I have in life. I'm still learning how to prioritise things in my life, give back to society, stay positive and motivated and follow my passion.


Thank you Sudhanya for sharing some wonderful insights on how to deal with some of the challenges I have faced and still do. 

What does 'Validation' mean to you? 

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